SerpentineYour dishwasher will not only save you time and effort on a daily basis but can also more effectively sanitize your dishes and utensils for a clean, healthy environment.  Washing dishes by hand takes a lot of time, and you could be spending that time with your family.

Problems with your dishwasher can leave your dishes in worse shape than when you put them in, or in the worst case, cause major water damage in your house.

Here are some common problems we see:

  • Not cleaning properly
  • Buttons don’t work
  • Flashing or blinking lights
  • Leaking
  • Not filling or draining properly
  • Doesn’t open/close/latch properly
  • Doesn’t start
  • Dispenser not working
  • Won’t fill
  • Making noise
  • Overfilling/overflowing
  • Doesn’t dry dishes

Howard’s Appliance Service will fix these and other issues.

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