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Springtime Maintenance

Spring is a great time to clean, repair and refurbish your appliances. Get ready for entertaining guests this summer by making sure your appliances are in top working condition. Is your refrigerator making a funny noise? Are you smelling a faint whiff of gas, or does your oven’s temperature seem to be a bit erratic? Are your clothes coming out as clean as they used to be? You don’t want your oven or refrigerator to quit working just before that big 4th of July family gathering!

We will be happy to do a survey of your appliances and make recommendations on minor or major repairs to keep your kitchen and laundry running like clockwork. And remember, when your big appliance does quit on you, you can always call us at (435) 865-7171 for fast, friendly and expert repair! We hope you enjoy the beautiful weather here in Southern Utah and have a safe and fun summer!